Conflict Resolution Policy

United Soccer Academy Mount Pleasant encourages an open forum for parents and players to express their concerns when presented in a manner that is appropriate and constructive.  Players are encouraged to address their concerns directly with their coach. Remember, there is a time and place for everything.  If you need information or wish to ask questions concerning coaching decisions, arrange a meeting with the coach.  Concerns or criticisms are welcome, but should be expressed away from training sessions and games.  Every effort will be made to address problems or concerns of our members in a fair and consistent manner.  In the event of a disagreement the following procedure should be followed when addressing concerns.
24 Hour Rule- Games are extremely emotional for players, parents and coaches.  Parents and coaches should not discuss individual player problems concerning the team or their child for 24 hours following a game or training session.  This allows all a cooling off time and opportunity to discuss the child without the emotion of the game or training session as well as avoid regrettable public confrontation.
  • Step 1- Discussion with Team Coach: The member first discusses his/her issues or concerns with the coach.
  • Step 2- Discussion with your Director of Player Development: If after discussing the issue with the Team Coach the issue is not resolved, he/she can present the issue to the Director of Player Development for your childs age group.
  • Step 3- Discussion with the Executive Director: If the member is not satisfied with the discussion with your age group Director of Player Development, it can then be presented to the Executive Director. This will be the final step to resolve the situation before the matter goes to the Executive Board.