Josh Berry

Hometown: Isle of Palms, SC. Grew up in Summerville, SC.

Playing Background: Pinewood Prep., Clemson (internal), Adult Open League

Education: Clemson University (1999). B.S. Wildlife Biology. Two years Master’s work at Clemson (Entomology).

Coaching Education: USSF Class "E", USSF Class “D” currently in progress.           

Coaching Experience: MPSC (4 years). 2013 MPSC Soccer Coach of the Year.  2nd year with SCUMP/USAMP.

Club Accomplishments: It’s only my second year with the club, but the most satisfying accomplishment thus far was the progression of the 2014 03’ Beat team.

Fun Bits:
Favorite Professional Club: Arsenal
Favorite Professional Player: Ozil