2017-2018 Futsal Program

United Soccer Academy – Mt. Pleasant

Futsal Program for 2017.2018

Our teams will be entering ISOL Futsal beginning in June of this year. The United States Soccer Federation has recommended to all clubs to supplement their training programs with Futsal in each age group. Futsal is an excellent way to supplement our summer and winter training programs. It will eliminate dead time during the offseason, change the format of play to keep our players sharp and fresh, will guarantee time on the ball in the evenings during the summer and winter when we typically see cancellations due to inclement weather, and will allow us to enhance each players individual development.

Cost: The cost for the league at ISOL is minimal at $500 per season and will include a minimum of 8 games per season coached by our staff as part of their team environment. It breaks down to about $60 per player. The league fee will be built into the team fees so all players have the opportunity to participate, but none will be penalized if out of town for games or training during the summer and winter period.

Team Set Up: Each club team will put in a certain number of teams in the Summer and Winter ISOL League set up as follows. U9 through U15 boys and girls will play both summer and winter futsal seasons at ISOL. U16 through U19 boys and girls Premier and Challenge will play summer only at ISOL with the option of playing in the winter. 11 vs. 11 teams will be split into two futsal teams and have the ability to float three to four players for games in case numbers are necessary.

U13 through U19 Boys and Girls: 2 teams formed from each 11 vs. 11 team, per age group and gender, 8 players per roster.

U11 and 12 Boys and Girls: Each team will enter as a futsal team, 12 players maximum roster.

U9 and U10 Boys and Girls: Each team will enter as a futsal team, 9 players maximum per roster.